Lesson 2. How to speak English fast?

Successful learning – active learning.

If you go to an English speaking country and live there for awhile (немного, недолго), you’ll learn to speak English pretty soon. Why is that happening? Why people start to speak English fast when they live with native speakers? And why can’t they do the same in their home country?

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  • Elena

    September 8, 2017

    The main problem for me is speaking. I feel not confident in that. But it’s not because I have problems with knowledge or something like this. Just I’m a rather reserved person and communication face to face can be a problem for me in some moments. The same was with my Russian. I had got a perfect Russian in writing but it was difficult for me to speak with people. I don’t have such problems anymore in Russian but now I go through the same in English. But I try to work on this problem. And I think that I achieve good results.

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