Welcome to your free BFTC section

Stop learning, start speaking!

This section includes 7 video lessons. Each of them goes with PDF transcripts, vocabulary quizzes (exercises) and audio. Also, all the lessons have a homework I want you to do.

I have made each lesson as interactive as I could because my main goal is to teach you to speak English. I want you to understand that learning English is not about drilling (learning by heart) the grammar rules and doing exercises. Learning English is about working with real learning materials from native speakers and trying to be like them! You should imitate them, speak like them and even move as well as they move! This is a very important idea. This is the key to fluency!

The most of my lessons are in English. That’s one more important thing of BFTC. I want you to bring as much English into your life as you can. Make it a part of your life. Become one with it! And you’ll be surprised how fast you succeed!

My BFT course is in English. If you use Chrome, please install this plugin and then you can just mark the text and press SHIFT+T to translate it instantly.

That’s why each lesson of my training course is very effective and it’s just a pleasure to work with it! So, if you’re ready, let’s get started. Enjoy!