Lesson 1. Define your level

I want you to tell me about your level of English.

Listen to the lesson read by a native speaker:

Welcome to the first lesson!

This lesson has many useful words and phrases. I don’t want you to learn them by heart (учить наизусть). I want you to do a homework and also work with flashcards (карточки со словами и фразами) at the end. It will help you to remember all the words and phrases from this lesson very well! We will talk about the flashcards a bit later (немного позже).

Now I want you to watch the video lesson and take a very good test (прошли очень хорошый тест) of your English. I love this test! I took many different tests and this one I like the most (люблю больше всего). It will estimate (оценит) a level of your English in general (в общем).

Why is that important?

Many English learning websites have materials for students of different levels. When you know your level you will learn more effectively (более эффективно) working with learning materials that fit you the most (подходят вам больше всего). This way (так, таким образом) you can make fast progress and enjoy studying.

Don’t worry about your test’s results too much. To be honest (если честно), I put the test into this lesson just to make it more interesting for you. It’s always fun to test your English, isn’t it?

When you finish the test you will know your level according to (согласно) CEFR (Общеевропейская система оценки знания иностранных языков или Шкала Совета Европы): A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Please see this PDF.

And it’s very good to know. But the idea of this lesson is different. I want you to understand  – it’s very important to choose learning materials that fit your level. Many people get tired (устают) of learning and say that learning English is boring and very difficult. I disagree with them totally (полностью).

Learning English is difficult and boring when you learn it the wrong way (неправильно). It’s boring when you study by learning materials that are too difficult for you.

That’s why it’s very important to choose materials that you enjoy!

How to start the test?

You will find the test in the sidebar (в боковой колонке) of this pageJust answer the questions. Don’t be in a hurry (не торопитесь) and answer each question attentively (внимательно). Don’t worry, it’s not too long!

Your homework.

  1. I want you to take the test and tell me what your level is. Use the comment section below. You can write in Russian, but it’s better to talk in English. Also, tell me how long have you been learning English?
  2. Please do the quiz (проверка знаний) below. These flashcards contain (содержат) vocabulary from this lesson. If you want to remember these words and phrases very well, get back (возвращайтесь) to this lesson again from time to time (время от времени). Try to use this vocabulary in the comments below. For example, you can make up (выдумать) a short story and use these words and phrases there. I’ll check it and we will discuss your writing!

Vocabulary quizzes.

Working with flashcards is a very pleasant and effective way to remember new words and phrases. All you have to do is to repeat them from time to time. It’s called a spaced repetition (интервальное повторение). You don’t need to learn words by heart. Just review (освежайте в памяти) them when you have time (at home, at work, in the gym etc.).

[qdeck align=”center”]
Welcome to the flashcards of this lesson. Here’s how it works:

Click ‘Flip’ to see the answer to each card.
If you don’t know it as well as you’d like to, click ‘Need more practice,’ and that card will go to the bottom of the stack so you can practice it again.
If you know it, click ‘Got it.’
‘Shuffle’ lets you shuffle the deck.

[q] How to say “учить наизусть” in English?

[a] to learn by heart

I don’t want you to learn them by heart.

(Я не хочу, чтобы вы учили их наизусть)

[q] How to say “время от времени” in English?

[a] from time to time.

I want you to work with flashcards from time to time.

(Я хочу, чтобы вы работали с карточками время от времени)

[q] How to say “немного позже”?

[a] a bit later.

We will talk about the flashcards a bit later.

(Мы поговорим о карточках немного позже)

[q] How to say “выполнить тест, проходить тест”?

[a] to take a test.

Now I want you to take a very good test.

(Сейчас, я хочу, чтобы вы прошли очень хороший тест)

[q] How to say “любить больше всего”?

[a] to like the most.

I like this test the most.

(Мне нравится этот тест больше всего)

[q] How to say “оценивать”?

[a] to estimate.

This test will estimate your level of English.

(Этот тест оценит ваш уровень английского)

[q] How to say “в общем”?

[a] in general.

In general, it works very well.

(В общем, это работает очень хорошо)

[q] How to say “более эффективно”?

[a] more effectively.

You can learn English more effectively.

(Вы можете учить английский эффективнее)

[q] How to say “подходить больше всего”?

[a] to fit the most.

Use materials that fit you the most.

(Используйте материалы, которые подходят вам больше всего)

[q] How to say “таким образом, так”?

[a] this way.

This way you can make fast progress.

(Так вы можете быстро прогрессировать)

[q] How to say “согласно чему-либо”?

[a] according to smth.

According to the rules.

(Согласно правилам)

[q] How to say “если честно, честно говоря”?

[a] to be honest.

To be honest, I added the test in this lesson just to make it more interesting for you.

(Если честно, я добавил тест в этот урок просто для того, чтобы сделать его интереснее для вас)

[q] How to say “уставать”?

[a] to get tired.

Many people get tired of learning English.

(Многие люди устают от изучения английского языка)

[q] How to say “неправильно”?

[a] the wrong way.

It’s boring when you learn it the wrong way.

(Это скучно, когда вы изучаете его неправильно)

[q] How to say “боковая колонка (вебсайта)”?

[a] a sidebar.

The test is in the sidebar.

(Тест находится в боковой колонке)

[q] How to say “не торопитесь”?

[a] Don’t be in a hurry.

Don’t be in a hurry when you learn English.

(Не торопитесь, когда изучаете английский язык)

[q] How to say “внимательно”?

[a] attentively.

Answer each question attentively.

(Отвечайте на каждый вопрос внимательно)

[q] How to say “проверка знаний, контрольный опрос”?

[a] a quizz.

Please do the quizz below.

(Пожалуйста, пройдите тестовый опрос ниже)

[q] How to say “содержать”?

[a] to contain.

These flashcards contain vocabulary from this lesson.

(Эти карточки содержат словарный запас из этого урока)

[q] How to say “возвращаться к …”?

[a] to get back to ….

Get back to this lesson again from time to time.

(Возвращайтесь к этому уроку время от времени)

[q] How to say “выдумывать”?

[a] to make up.

Make up a short story in English.

(Придумайте короткую историю на английском)

[q] How to say “интервальное повторение”?

[a] a spaced repetition.

It’s called a spaced repetition.

(Это называется интервальным повторением)

[q] How to say “освежать в памяти, повторять, просматривать еще раз”?

[a] to review.

Just review them when you have time (at home, at work, in the gym etc.)

(Просто просматривайте их, когда у вас есть время (дома, на работе, в спортзале и т.д.)



You’re done with the first lesson!

Now I’m waiting for your test’s results.  If you have any questions, please use comments below.

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  • Светланс

    March 13, 2017

    Замечательная форма урока! Спасибо! С удовольствием продолжу занятия! Мой уровень по результатам теста В2, хотя мне казалось , что существенно ниже. Вероятно, еще и за счет того, что не было раздела speeking. С нетерпением буду ждать следующего урока!

    • Rinat from BFTC

      March 13, 2017

      Congratulation, Svetlana! B2 is a very good level of English!

      And thank you for a positive feedback! How long have you been learning English? 😉

  • Erika

    March 14, 2017

    B2 level. Thanks. I have been learning English since I was 5.

    • Rinat from BFTC

      March 15, 2017

      Hi Erika,

      thanks for feedback;) It’s a long time) where are you from?

  • Alfira

    March 15, 2017

    I’ve got B2 level.

    • Rinat from BFTC

      March 17, 2017

      Congrats, Alfira! You have a beautiful name. Where are you from?

  • Vladimir

    March 16, 2017

    I’ve passed the test twice and scored 67 (B1) though my replyes in some questions were different. Actually I think, my audition and speaking is A1-2 and reading/writing is B2. It’s so interesting to work and learn with your materials. Thank you.

    • Rinat from BFTC

      March 17, 2017

      Glad to hear that, Vladimir 😉 usually, we read in English better. Speaking is the most difficult thing(

  • Galina

    May 5, 2017

    My level is B2 . I’ve been learning English for a long time even don’t remember)

  • Galina

    May 5, 2017

    Hello Rinat! I’m very happy to find your website that I hope will help me to improve my speaking skills. I’d like to practice English. It’s a good idea to appear here and take this course. Good luck!

    • Rinat from BFTC

      May 5, 2017

      Thank you very much, Galina! I appreciate it!

      • Elvira

        May 10, 2017

        Hello! Through the test my English level is between B1-B2. But I have a looot of problem with my speaking English. I get too nervours and can not say anything. Thank you very much for your lesson, it is pretty good

        • Rinat from BFTC

          May 10, 2017

          Hi Elvira! Watch the rest of my lessons. I’m sure they can help you 😉

  • Александр

    May 25, 2017

    Hello Rinat! According to the resulte of the test my English level is B2. It’s really unexpected to learn it because my listening skills are so poor I think so. To be honest I had to do some tasks for listening 2-3 times and it took me lots of time. So actually my English level is about B1 or lower. And as for the site, Rinat, that’s a grat job and a fascinating idea to help learners to improve their skills and feel free for chating to their friends and relatives in English and reading interesting articles and books in original and listening their favourite singers and films. And as for me here are loads of useful tips not only how to raise all the language skills, you encourage us not to back down and go ahead into this beautiful word of language cheering us to be better than we are now.

    • Rinat from BFTC

      May 25, 2017

      Thank you very much, sir! Listening is not easy and it needs time to improve this skill. Just keep it up!

  • Nadine

    May 27, 2017

    My English level is B1)) It’s great! I’ve expected something like this but it’s so nice anyway. I’ll be glad to chat with somebody because the practice is really lacking.


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