Welcome to BFTC!

Hi, everyone!

My name is Rinat and I’m a founder of the Be Fluent Training Course (BFTC).  For more than 3 years already I’ve been helping people to learn this beautiful, interesting and extremely useful language nowadays. Look what people say!

I believe that any person can learn English and what’s more important – any person can start speaking English easily, confidently and automatically, without stopping and thinking too much about grammar rules, correct translations and other things which we don’t really think about when we speak.

I am not a native speaker. I had to learn this language from zero. So I understand very well what problems the most of the learners have when they learn English.  And now I know how you can solve all these problems and become very fluent in the English language.

I can show you the right way of learning. I want to help you, I want to guide you. I want to become your coach and your friend. That’s why I’ve made my personal English learning training course and I’m happy to see you here. Welcome to BFTC!

What is the BFTC?

My English learning program has two main sections.

Free BFTC section.

In this section, you’ll find 7 video lessons that I want you to watch and work with their worksheets. They are absolutely free of charge and aimed at (created for) motivating you and showing you how you should learn English to make fast progress.

So please watch the videos and don’t forget to download my free book.

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