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Change the way you learn English!

Most people learn English for years, but never achieve fluency. They can read books and they understand the English speech, but they can’t speak. Their vocabulary is good and they know grammar pretty well, but they can’t speak.

Why does it happen? The reason is simple – they learn English the wrong way.

As well as you, I’m not a native speaker of English. I know what kinds of difficulties you experience:

  • a fear of speaking;
  • a lack of vocabulary;
  • bad pronunciation;
  • weak comprehension;
  • problems with English grammar;

In order to become fluent in English, you need to change the way you learn this language. And to help you I’ve created my personal online training course.

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My seven video lessons will help you to understand how:

  • to choose learning materials effectively;
  • to learn to speak English fast;
  • to avoid the common mistakes;
  • to learn grammar;
  • to improve your listening;
  • to improve your vocabulary;
  • to improve your speaking;

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Premium lessons: let’s get your English to another level!

The Be Fluent training course is a step-by-step online program based on the learning materials from native speakers.

What is in the box?

– 50+ HD video lessons;

– PDF worksheets;

– online exercises;

– audio versions of each lesson;

– homework;

– 3 online lessons with me (60 min. each one);

– my online support 24/7;

– bonus tutorials;

Want to finally become a fluent speaker of English?

Fluency comes with practice, but it’s difficult to become fluent if you don’t know how to improve your English effectively. You may drill the table of phrasal verbs for many years, but never become fluent. With my BFT course, you will improve your English and, what’s more important, you will learn to enjoy learning English and do it much more effectively than you did before!

My BFT course consists of four modules:


It’s all about changes you need to make right now to start speaking confident English quickly. You will learn to:

  • enjoy learning English;
  • not to get tired of English;
  • manage your time effectively;
  • improve your speaking skill on your own;

This section will help you to become an independent English learner.


It’s your main section which will boost your English fast. With my lessons, you will improve:

  • your listening;
  • your vocabulary;
  • your speaking;
  • your writing;

I will show you a powerful way of working with the real learning materials from native speakers.

All my lessons are very interactive. It’s all about listening and speaking. I will talk to you a lot. I will guide you a lot and I will always check your homework because it’s very important to have someone who can correct your mistakes!

I’m always in touch with each of my students (by email, skype, WhatsApp, Viber,  etc.)


As you know, there are thousand of English learning resources on the Internet. But in fact, you need just a few of them to learn English successfully. Many people use a lot of resources and can’t achieve fluency anyway. It happens because using of many websites doesn’t mean it’s effective. Instead, it can confuse you.

The point is that if you want to make fast progress you have to be organized. You should choose only a few GOOD English resources and keep working with them on a constant basis.

In my course, I will show you these resources and will teach you to work with them effectively. You will have very detailed video guides with my thorough explanations!

All of these resources are free of charge and they improve all the important aspects of English: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will enjoy working with them and that’s why you will succeed very fast!

Remember, when you enjoy what you do – you do it much better! All the same with learning English. So it’s very important to choose learning resources you really like.

Do you want to know what resources it is? They are waiting for you in BFTC!


Grammar is important. It helps us to understand how a language works. The most of people learn grammar the wrong way and don’t make fast progress. My premium section has special grammar notes you can always look at.

I will show you a very effective and extremely pleasant way to learn the English grammar.

Forget about rules. The best way to improve grammar is to learn it in context through stories and conversations. And in my BFT course, you will practice it a lot!

My support 24/7.

Many people read my blog. I have more than 3 500 subscribers! I get many letters from them with different questions. I’m always trying to answer each one, but my BFTC students have a priority!

You can always text me by e-mail or just here in a comment section. If you have WhatsApp, it’s very convenient to talk there too. I like keeping in touch with my students. It lets me take control and help them as good as I can.

So be free to ask me any question. I’m always available!

Is this course for me?

My course is for those learners who want to start speaking English as soon as possible. Whether you are just a beginner or an Intermediate student, my training course is for you, if you want to become fluent!

A1, A2, B1, B2!

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Your Instructor.

My name is Rinat. I’m an Advanced English speaker from Moscow. More than three years I’ve been helping people to learn this amazing language. If you want to start speaking fluent English, I’m in service!

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